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This is the Wiki for the websites Tech 101 and We Are The Living.

==== Manifestos ==== * Cleanliness manifesto 2018: Mise-en-place * Investment manifesto ==== Trade Diary ==== * Trade Diary ==== Wealth Builders Club Archive ==== * How to Start a Million Dollar Business for $25,000 * Retire Next Year * Wealth through Personal Power * Extra Income Opportunities * Intrapreneurship 101 * Living Rich Series * The Business Launchpad * The WBC Book Club * Financial Planning * Wealth Stealers * Miscellaneous * Kitchen House Publishing * Collecting 101 * Real Estate Investment Series * Club Orientation ==== Project documentation ==== * Truck hiring app with Tarun * Revised requirements for Trucks For You * Workplace Fabric * URL shortener ==== API documentation ==== * Workplace Fabric * Trucks for You ==== Auto-affiliate plugin ==== * Downloading and installing the Amazon auto-affiliate plugin ==== Procedures ==== * Things to back up and restore when moving the Tech101 server * Setting up SSL for HTTP, Email and FTP * Setting up VSFTPD with MySQL ==== Libraries to consider for Node.js ==== * Node Fetch: Use Fetch API instead of http module * Just launch: Launch a browser from the commandline or from a standalone NodeJS app using this library. * Smart spinner: Use a ticker-like same-line changing log, rather than a running log that scrolls across pages. * Hydra: A library that helps build micro-services, such that these services can discover and communicate with each other. * Auto cannon: Stress test a Node.js server with a huge number of requests * Clinic suite: Detect what's slowing down your Node.js server * Collect.js: Library for working with collections ==== Libraries to consider for DOM Javascript ==== Hammer.js and Hammer.js jQuery: Library to enable gestures on mobile web. ==== Libraries to consider for Python ==== * NSE Tools: Fetches stock details from NSE India * NSE Python: Fetches stock details from NSE India * Beautiful soup: Web scraping * Celery: Task queue to queue tasks that need to run seperately from the main program / thread. ==== Tools to install on server ==== * Node web console: A web-based command line console * GoGetSSL: GoGetSSL certificates * Let's encrypt: Let's encrypt SSL certificate ==== Online references useful for developers and devops ==== * Periodic table of devops tools: All the tools you need as a devop * OAuth 2.0: The complete specification for OAuth 2.0 * Device emulation mod in Google Chrome: How to test your responsive web apps in device simulation mode. * Using Chai: Unit testing library for Javascript and NodeJS * Chai reference: Reference manual for Chai unit testing library ==== Online random data generators ==== * Generate fake phone numbers for testing * Behind the name: Generate person names * Generate random numbers and strings. * Lipsum: Generate random prose using 'Lorem ipsum' ==== API access keys ==== * Quandl: 5XkE_xM6zWYvGFjf5LLK ==== Book resources ==== * Derek Siver's list ==== Network protocol references ==== * IMAP commands ==== Craft resources ==== * Template Maker: Shape templates for packaging material * iFixit guide: Guides to repair electronic gadgets

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